Model No.

L – ELA6K2 24c p
Length code Lead wire Light source color Beam angle
J : Both ends lead wire
E : One end lead wire
40 : 4000K
35 : 3500K
30 : 3000K
27 : 2700K
L:60° ×120°
N:35° ×120°


 Length code 048 096 144
 Model No.

Both ends lead wire
One end lead wire

Power consumption 9.6W/485mm 19.2W/965mm 28.8W/1445mm
Lamp fitting length (L) 485mm 965mm 1445mm
Weight 190g(J) / 178g(E) 360g(J) / 341g(E) 530g(J) / 504g(E)
Luminaire efficacy (2700K) 79.2 lm/W 79.2 lm/W 78.8 lm/W
Light source color  Ο = Device inventory     * = Equivalent
40  4000K O  820 lm O  1640 lm O  2460 lm
35   3500K O  800 lm O  1610 lm O  2410 lm
30  3000K O  770 lm O  1550 lm O  2320 lm
27  2700K O  760 lm O  1520 lm O  2270 lm
Contact us about 5000K since they are made-to-order and have a Minimum Order Quantity.

Size Variation

Length code 012 024 036 060 072 084 108 120 132
Power consumption 2.4W 4.8W 7.2W 12.0W 14.4W 16.8W 21.6W 24.0W 26.4W
26.4W Lamp fitting length (L) 125mm 245mm 365mm 605mm 725mm 845mm 1085mm 1205mm 1325mm
Spec may be subject to change without announcement.
The optical data provided on the each product pages are for reference only; the data values are not guaranteed. Please use as reference materials for your planning.

General Specification | External dimensions

General Specification
 Input voltage  DC24V
 Environment  In & Outdoors (no condensation) IP65
 Max. sets connectable  9m
 Ambient temperature/humidity  -5~40°C 25~95%RH(no condensation)
 Storage temperature/humidity  -15~55°C 25~85%RH(no condensation)
 Material (body)  Aluminium, Polycarbonate
 Attachments  –
 Option parts  End clip, Power supply cable, Joint cable
 Dimmable  0
 Power Supplies  Required
 COO  Japan
Max. connectable length per power supply
Power LEDs Line IP65 Power supply
Normal operation
50W switching power supply
100W switching power supply
150W switching power supply
External dimensions

Optional parts

End clip

Option Parts

Model No : ELA1-P-FE 2 pcs/1 bag

For vertical installation or installing in a place with strong wind and rain.

Power supply cable EPYC *mm

Option Parts Required
*(Length:mm) 500 1000 2000 4000
Model No. EPYC220-805-K EPYC220-810-K EPYC220-820-K EPYC220-840-K

Joint cable EECC *mm

Option Parts
*(Length:mm) 500 1000 2000 4000 6000
Model No. EECC220-805 EECC220-810 EECC220-820 EECC220-840 EECC220-860

Installing the product

Join the connectors. Make sure that they are correctly joined. Use the one side connector product (L-ELA6K2-*E**-24C-P) for the end of connection.

Attachment Option Parts

End clip
Please attach End clip additionally in order to install in a place
with strong wind and rain , and to prevent misalignment of mounting position.

Fix the lamp on the installation site with the attached Mounting screws (round head screw M3.1 x 16).

Join the connectors. Make sure that they are correctly joined. Use the one side connector product (L-ELA6K2-*E**-24C-P) for the end of connection.

Minimum size for construction

Please keep the following size in order to avoid the temperature increase of the lamp.
Any size that is smaller than the following may shorten the lamp’s life.

System configuration diagram

  • Max. connectable length depends on the wattage of the power supply.
  • Max. length per circuit of Power LEDs Line IP65 is 9 m.
    If it exceeds 9 m, please split into multiple circuits.
  • Max. distance from the power supply to the end of LED fixture is 12.2 m.
Max. connectable length per power supply
Length of LED fixture
(70% loading factor)
Power supply
~1.7m 50W power supply
~3.5m 100W power supply
~5.2m 150W power supply
Option Parts Required

Power supply cable EPYC500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 4000mm
(EPYC220-805-K, EPYC220-810-K, EPYC220-820-K, EPYC220-840-K)