Product Name Length Light source color Cover Type Environment
LCEL 0150
W : White
WW : Warm white 3500K
L30 : Warm white 3000K
L27 : Warm white 2700K
L24 : Warm white 2400K
DF : Diffuser I : Indoors


Length 0150 0300 0510 0880 1170 1460
Model No.  LCEL-0150-✱-DF-I LCEL-0300-✱-DF-I LCEL-0510-✱-DF-I  LCEL-0880-✱-DF-I  LCEL-1170-✱-DF-I LCEL-1460-✱-DF-I
Power consumption 3.0W 6.0W 10.6W 18.1W 24.2W 30.2W
Fitting length(L) 151mm 300mm 510mm 880mm 1169mm 1459mm
Weight 79g 151g 240g 420g 558g 712g
Number of LEDs 12 LED 24 LED 42 LED 72 LED 96 LED 120 LED
Luminaire efficacy(2700K) 61.1 lm/W 61.1 lm/W 61.1 lm/W 61.1 lm/W 61.1 lm/W 61.1 lm/W
Light source color  Ο = Device inventory     * = Equivalent
D 7100K N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
N 5300K N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
W 4000K Ra 86 O  203 lm* O  405 lm* O  709 lm* O  1215 lm* O  1620 lm O  2025 lm*
WW 3500K Ra 85 O  200 lm* O  399 lm* O  698 lm* O  1197 lm* O  1596 lm O  1995 lm*
L30 3000K Ra 87 O  184 lm* O  367 lm* O  642 lm* O  1101 lm* O  1468 lm O  1836 lm*
L27 2700K Ra 84 O  176 lm* O  353 lm* O  618 lm* O  1059 lm* O  1412 lm O  1765 lm*
L24 2400K Ra 85 O  177 lm* O  354 lm* O  620 lm* O  1062 lm* O  1416 lm O  1770 lm*
L19 1900K N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Specification may be subject to change without announcement.
The optical data provided on the each product pages are for reference only; the data values are not guaranteed. Please use as reference materials for your planning.

General Specification | External dimensions

General Specification
 Input voltage  DC24V
 Environment  Indoors (no condensation)
 Max. length per circuit  5m
 Material (body)  Polycarbonate, Aluminum
 Attachments  Mounting clip
 Option parts  Mounting clip, Power supply cable, Joint cable
 Certification  –
 Dimmable  O
 Power Supplies  Required
External dimensions

Optional parts

Mounting clip A for Creide
Model No : LCE-PT-A

1 pcs for  150mm
2 pcs for 300mm and 510mm
3 pcs for 880mm and 1170mm
4 pcs for 1460 mm
Option Parts
2 pcs/1 bag

Power supply cable 3000mm
Model No : CAD-3000-MCRN-I

Option Parts

1 pcs per circuit for connecting the LED fixture to power supply or dimmer driver.

Joint cable 1000mm
Model No : CAD-1000-MCFC-I

Option Parts

Joint cable between two LED fixtures

Installing the product

For horizontal installation

Mounting clips should be preset to the installation spot with screws supplied by installer.
(Pan head screws M3 recommended.)
Recommended interval of the mounting clip: not more than 380 mm, at least 3 pcs per meter.
Secure 1 mounting clip with 3 screws. Be careful when removing fixture from
mounting clips to not cause any damage on the clips.

For horizontal installation

For vertical installation, make sure the LED fixture hook on the edge of the mounting clip in accordance to the diagram.
Caution: If the weight of the LED fixture is not supported by the edge of the mounting clip, it may slide down and fall.

Secure 1 mounting clip with 3 screws
Caution: If using only 1 or 2 screws, the LED fixture may fall since the holding force is not enough.

System configuration diagram

  • Max. connectable length depends on the wattage of the power supply.
  • Max. length per circuit of Luci Creide lens is 5m. If it exceeds 5m, please split into multiple circuits.
  • Max. distance from the power supply to the end of LED fixture is 10m.
Max. connectable length per power supply
Length of LED fixture
(70% loading factor)
*=split into multiple circuits
Power supply
~1.6m 50W power supply
~3.5m 100W power supply
~5.3m* 150W power supply
Option Parts

Power supply cable 3000mm

Light intensity distribution chart

Direct horizontal surface light intensity distribution chart
Light source color 4000K
Brightness 655 cd
Luminous flux 1620 lm
Color rendering index Ra 86
Light source color 3500K
Brightness 645 cd
Luminous flux 1596 lm
Color rendering index Ra 85
Light source color 3000K
Brightness 610 cd
Luminous flux 1468 lm
Color rendering index Ra 87
Light source color 2700K
Brightness 586 cd
Luminous flux 1412 lm
Color rendering index Ra 84
Light source color 2400K
Brightness 563 cd
Luminous flux 1416 lm
Color rendering index Ra 85
Distance from wall

Recommendend dimensions and illumination distribuitions

 Cornice lighting-1 CH=2800
 Cornice lighting-1 CH=5000
 Cornice lighting-2 CH=2800
 Cornice lighting-2 CH=5000
 Cove lighting CH=2800

Product used