Less is more.

“Luci silux(R) series” is renewed to pursue simplicity
and realize enormous potential.

-Luci silux(R) F(Current product:Luci silux(R))
-Luci silux(R) wide F(Current product:Luci silux(R) wide)

Release August 2016
The current products will be no longer available after the end of September.

3 Efficiencies
1) Reduce power consumption by 10%!
Power consumption is reduced to 90% of the current products while maintaining almost the same brightness*
Hence, you need less dedicated power supplies and can reduce your project budget.
*= values vary depending on color and size

2) Maximum length in each circuit is extended to 6m.
Maximum length of the new model in each circuit is extended by 1m to 6m
where the maximum length of the current product is 5m.

3) Matching the size ranges of silux(R) series
The body lengths of current Luci silux(R) products were 1mm longer than those of Luci silux(R) wide.
The sizes of Luci silux(R) and Luci silux(R) wide are standardized in this renewal so as to avoid confusion.

Shapes of Multiclip have changed.
The clip for the current product required screws in 2 places when fixing; however,
the new clip requires only one.


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