Two selectable beam angle options.

“Luci Creide ® series” is renewed to two types of fixtures in order to realize enormous potential.

-Luci Creide® F (Current product: Luci Creide(R))
-Luci Creide® Lens (New)

Release in October, 2016
The current products will be no longer available after the end of October.

-Luci Creide® F:LCEF
Upgraded Current product “Luci Creide”
Two major changes which improve construction work and cost reduction:
-Luminaire efficacy is increased
-Maximum length in each circuit is extended to 5m. (Previous model: 4.5m)

-Luci Creide® Lens : LCEL
Suitable for narrow spaces which focuses on beam angles and stretch of light. The fixture design is based on compact cross-sectional size and basic specification of “Luci Creide®”.
Special intensive luminous distribution creates extensive and smooth gradation of light.
Light can stretches up to 3m, achieving an impressive effect on illuminated surface.


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